Easy recipe

Polenta uncia an easy recipe

  3 July 2015

An easy recipe, this tasty dish is what we say in Italian “piatto unico”, because once you’ve had a plate of this you will not be able to cope with anything else. Made with local melt cheese and dressed with some butter, some garlic and sage, it makes a mouth-watering meal in one. It is an easy recipe!

Main Course dish
Eaten all year
Easy to prepare
Preparation time 1hour and 10 minutes

The Ingredients: polenta, 400g. Local cheese, 200g. Butter, 1 clove of garlic, sage.

The Preparation:
Prepare the italian polenta as explained –
In the meantime dice the local cheese into small squares.
When the italian polenta is almost ready, put some butter, garlic and sage in a small pan and slowly melt the butter.
Cook to have golden garlic.
Put the italian polenta into a large bowl, cutting it slightly as you do so, mixing it with the local cheese .
Pour the melted butter over and mix well.

Serve immediately on warm plates or as peasant tradition eat all from the same pot put in the middle of the table.