Lanzo Golf Club, Lake Como

Lanzo Golf Club

  6 September 2013

Lanzo Golf Club was founded in 1962 by famous architect Donald Harradine. The camp is located 1000 meters above sea level and the 9-hole course winds through woods and meadows of the plain view of the walnuts in the valley and surrounding mountains.

At Golf Lanzo tranquility reigns and a relaxed atmosphere accompanies players along the gentle slopes of the Pian delle Noci.

When it was born, in 1962, the Golf Lanzo was the twenty-fifth camp built in Italy. The group of friends among whom there were the Astesani Ingenier found himself for years to Lanzo for the summer holiday, as this group was born the idea of a golf project, a challenge that has paid off.

Via Pian delle Noci 22024 Lanzo d'Intelvi (CO)
How to get there
SS340 and SP13
(Distances from Residence Celeste: 22,1 km / 33 min)
Info & Contacts
+39 031 839060
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