Villages 29/05/2018

Mezzegra Lake Como

On the western shore of the lake there is our small village Mezzegra Lake Como, ...

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Villages 17/02/2018

Ossuccio Lake Como

Ossuccio Lake Como is now part of a new common, like many other Italian municipalities. ...

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Villages 15/05/2017

Piccolo Mondo Antico: Castello Valsolda

After visiting the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata, continuing into the driveway, in 30 minutes ...

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Villages 08/05/2017

The Valsolda of Piccolo Mondo Antico

In Valsolda autumn is the best time to soaking in warm colors and in the ...

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Villages 02/05/2017


The earth of Valsolda extends among Porlezza and the border between Italy and Switzerland. It ...

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Villages 27/04/2017

Porlezza and its fractions

About Porlezza and its fractions is more difficult to have historical sources of the past. ...

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Villages 27/03/2017


The territory of the municipality of Porlezza is located at the Swiss border, the nerve ...

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Villages 01/03/2016


To the bottom of Monte Costone there is Colonno, a picturesque village reflected in the ...

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Villages 31/08/2015

Lenno lake Como

Lenno Lake Como is a town of Roman origin, set in a ‘cove known for ...

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Villages 24/08/2015

Gravedona lake Como

Gravedona Lake Como is situated in a beautiful bay. It is characterized by its squares ...

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