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Lake Como nature trails: the Breglia San Domenico Loop.

We decided to start our short excursion from Residence Celeste Tremezzina to explore one of Lake Como hidden gems: The Breglia San Domenico Loop.

Leave your car in the parking lot next to the Church of San Gregorio in Breglia.

The air is fresh and the birds are singing as you take the mule track that winds into the woods.

The trail is clear and well-marked,perfect for a relaxing walk under the chestnut trees.

After about 25 minutes of walking, you reach the Chapel of San Domenico, a small gem perched 800 meters high. Here, the view is breathtaking: Lake Como stretches below you, with Bellagio and the fork of the two branches opening up in all their beauty. The alpine peaks frame this natural spectacle.

If you wish to continue your hike, follow the trail to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Breglia, built at the end of the 1700s, and then descend to the village of Breglia. Otherwise, return to the parking lot.

This 3.3 km hike is suitable for everyone and takes about 50 minutes.

Experience this unique adventure, immersed in the nature and history of Lake Como.

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