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Cribs on Lake Como

A walk through the villages of Tremezzina at this time of year is well worth it to plunge into the Christmas atmosphere and to discover the exhibition of cribs on Lake Como created with such dedication by the Associazione Amici del Presepe.

Today with the children we visited the Casa dei Presepi and Palazzo Brentano. The red of the Christmas stars welcomed us into the rooms of this noble palace and surprised us with these different reconstructions of nativity scenes that are somewhat reminiscent of the villages of Lake Como and the daily life of our grandparents.

After walking down the granite staircase to the second floor, we were greeted by a scent of orange and cinnamon and a fairytale atmosphere, a bit like diving into a vintage postcard with a beautiful Christmas tree and old toys as well as other unique nativity scenes.

A visit to Tremezzina is really worth it.

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